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About Us

‘The Sikh Directory’, is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory of Sikh businesses and services. The first edition was published in 2006 and continues to be updated and published annually. As an established and trusted brand, ‘The Sikh Directory,’ stimulates community networking and connects buyers with sellers. It is regarded as a powerful voice and platform for the global Sikh community.

All year round we are carrying out marketing campaigns and promotions in order to further enhance the image of our clients and the Sikh faith in general. The Sikh Directory is in the unique position of being able to reach a massive audience internationally, as it is heavily promoted on key ethnic TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, community websites, magazines and vehicles to help generate usage and exposure for advertisers.

Our main objectives are to unite the Sikh community, to help promote and magnify the competitiveness and breadth of Sikh businesses to the rest of the world. The Sikh Directory is distributed FREE OF CHARGE throughout the world via Gurudwara’s, Sikh event’s and through our online subscription systems. To date the Sikh community has given excellent feedback and are fully behind this venture some stating it’s already an everyday tool. Content of the directory