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Everything You Need to Know About The Sikh Directory

Learn all about The Sikh Directory Popularity Ranking algorithm, including how it’s used to rank accommodations, attractions and restaurants, and how it evolves over time.

How can you improve your business’s Popularity Ranking?

Because the Popularity Ranking is based on user feedback, consistently collecting new, high-quality reviews — that reflect levels of service and value that meet expectations — is the best way for businesses to improve their position over time.

It is important to note that the Popularity Ranking takes into account a business’s performance, in relation to the performance of other businesses in the area. As one business moves up in the ranking, it impacts others directly around it. Movements in the Popularity Ranking may be a result of reviews on one particular business — or reviews that have come in for other businesses in the area.

Consistency: putting it all together

In summary:

  • Good reviews are better than poor reviews
  • Recent reviews are given more weight than older reviews
  • More reviews help build confidence faster

These factors interact over time to determine a business’s Popularity Ranking. For example, the quality and quantity of reviews over time provide us with a view of each business’s consistency. A business that has consistently good reviews will rank higher than one with a similar number of good and poor reviews. Similarly, recency and quantity are closely linked — a large number of recent reviews will be valued higher than ones that are several years old.

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